Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

I can't believe it's already Friday, even though we had 2 snow days this week (those days seemed long) this week really seemed like it flew by to me. 
I'm so ready for a weekend with my family and the best part about it....
we have NO plans!! 

On Monday school's in our town and surrounding counties were closed. 
David even went into work late because it was so icy and cold. 
By 11ish the roads were pretty decent so the girls and I met up with some of our bestie at Mommy's Me Time.
It's this cool play/gymnastic like area for kids inside one of our local malls. 

These 4 truly are the bestest and sweetest friends.

CLEMSON became National Football Champions.
Also David practiced flying is drone inside the house for the majority of the game. 
Real Talk || This is our marriage and how we spend time together. I yell at a football game while going thru boxes and declutter. While my hubs flies his toy around the basement and my head. 
Yep this is how we spend the evenings together.
As long as we are in the same room. 

I have talked about dry shampoo before here on the blog. I have actually found a new favorite, Detox Dry Shampoo. I absolutely love it. Okay honesty I love all the Dry Bar products thanks to my Dry Bar experience in Vegas back in October. (You can read about it here)

I'm slowly but surely adding to my Dry Bar product collection. 
My favorite products from Vegas were the Hot Toddy Heath Protect and Southern Belle Volumizing Mouse. 

We started something new this week during our evening routine.
After bath time on Tuesday night, David picked a movie for us to watch. However we didn't finish it we only made it 30 minutes in before bedtime. It was great, everyone was okay with only start part of it too before bed.
We even got to watch another 30 minutes last night and plan to finish the last bit of the movie tonight. 
We are all loving this little snuggle sesh before bed. 

Y'all, I'm dying over this meme.
I mean isn't this true about my little space.
This week I have blog 4 days.
If you missed them you can find Monday's here, Wednesday's here, and Thursday's here

Happy Weekend Friends!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Catch Up Thursday || Tensley's 5th Birthday

Just like that on Oct 21, our sweet Tensley turned 5. 

Everyone says they grow up in a blink of an eye.
Y'all I never believed people, I just kinda nodded politely and went on my way.
Then Tensley turned 5 and I was thinking Holy Cow those people were right.
It was just yesterday that she was this itty bitty (okay not so itty bitty, she was albs 12oz) but still she was this cute little squishy baby. 
Insert the crying Emoji here!

Let me completely honest in my parenting here.
I DROPPED THE BALL on a birthday party.
Like I completely forgot to plan on, think about one, even make it happen.
October was such a crazy month for us that it totally slipped my mind until ya know the last week of the month. 

So I planned a party pretty much 2-3 weeks after her birthday. David thought we were completely insane, especially when we told him the type of party she wanted to have.

Sleepover Party! 
yep, its starting.
I was able to convince Tensley that since she wanted 10 girls to come over they all couldn't spend the night. I'm sure their parents weren't ready for that and honestly my sanity wasn't ready.
So we called in a Sleepover Half Night. 
Friends arrive at 6pm and Left at 9pm. 

It was perfect, crazy, and the best fun EVER!

Everyone was asked to arrived in their Pajamas ready to eat sleepover food!
Pizza. Juice Boxes. Cupcakes. Movie Popcorn. 

I found the cutest sleep mask at five below so we gifted these to the girls along with some chapstick.
Tensley was so excited to give her sweet friends these gifts. 
This is such a fun group of girls and I just loved having them all under our roof to celebrate Tensley. 

I mean how cute are these precious girls!

Clearly I should have lighten this photo, but if you look carefully you'll see a sleepy little girl with a cute face mask! :)