Thursday, September 29, 2016

Catch Up Thursday | Tensley's First Haircut

The first Friday of the month I took Tensley to get her first official haircut.
She has only had 2 small trims since she has been born, which we had done by someone in their home. 

David had been saying for awhile that Tensley need a better cut or style.
Though I hated to admit it he was right. Her hair was getting stringy at the bottom and completely unbearable to do another with it. 

So we schedule an appointment with our friend Alyssa. 
Tensley was nervous at first, but getting the full salon treatment was right up her alley. 

Right before we walked I stopped Tensley outside of the salon door so that I could grab a quick picture of her and the length of her hair.
I secretly wished I had straightened this day so I could see if it really was long enough to reach her bootie. 

She found out quickly that this is the best part of getting your hair done. 

Right before Alyssa started cutting her hair.
Can you see how long her hair is...crazy right.

Then she learned what her momma's favorite part of getting your hair done is.
Having your stylist do your hair all fancy before you leave. 
Alyssa was so sweet to girl this girls hair. 

After math. 

Happy girl with her new haircut.
Her hair is healthier, lighter, and we couldn't be happier.

Her is a side by side photo. 
I can see now why so many people have been asking if her hair was darkened.
Cutting off the ends and all her baby blond hair truly darkened up her locks. 

I truly enjoy getting to do her hair in the mornings before school.
Thank you Alyssa, we are so pleased with new look!

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