Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whats Up Wednesday

Wahoo, I sure do love these link up days. It so fun to get a glimpse into others bloggers life and getting to virtually meet knew friends. Today I'm linking up Shay and Shaeffer in What's Up Wednesday. 

1. What we're eating this week
With this week be our first full week of back to school for Tensley and David's nice classes, dinner has been an eat what you can. Monday may be the only night I'll cook all week. 
Monday -Almond Crusted Chicken
Tuesday -leftovers
Wednesday -leftovers?
Thursday- sandwiches?
Friday - ugh... sandwiches?

Clearly I need some go-to recipes, can you share some of your favorites with me! 

2. What I'm reminiscing about
Summer with both of my girls. It was such a fun and fast summer. I can't believe it's already over. 
I know that Tensley enjoys the time with her friends at school and I need the mini break (though I do still have Everley) so it has been good for both of us. Though I do miss staying up late and sleeping in with that girl! 

3. What I'm loving
8:00pm Bedtime. I know this my be a crazy one. 
I just love having both girls in bed and asleep (for the most part) at 8:00pm. The house is quiet and peaceful and it's AWESOME! 
From 8-9 David and I typically work on different home projects or quick cleanup. Then from 9-10 we either sit down and talk, watch friends together, or discuss our dreams for our future. 
I pray this always continues, these little mini-dates with my hubby feel my soul so much! 

4. What we've been up to
Coming up with ways to ensure our house truly feels like home. I trying my hardest 
to be okay with living in our house (okay, I still cry, melt down, or freak out like once a week..) So I'm eager to start slowly picking up pieces from TJ.Maxx. Homegoods. Marshals. Kirkland. Tuesday Mornings. to help make this our home and less of my moms. 

5. What I'm dreading
Moving Everley into her room this weekend! Boo! Lets all take a quick minute to sob over the fact she is old enough to sleep in her own bed, in her own room. 

Okay now that we have all composed ourselves (I'm still a hot mess over here) lets continue. The original plan was to wait until Everley was sleeping through the night almost ever night. However that is not the case, she still wakes up around 2-3 to eat. However this is the same age that we moved Tensley to her room when she was a baby. Plus Everley is so BIG that she is, well out growing her bassinet. I mean she twist and turns all night longs, makes noises, and KEEPS MAMA UP! #nooneishappyifmamaainthappy 
So we are investing into our new video monitor Friday and putting the girl into her room. 
Please pray for this transition. I'll list a few specific prayers that we will really need. 

1. That I won't allow my emotions, feelings or thoughts of that room scare me from allowing my daughter to sleep in that room. {If your new to the blog, Everley's nursery is the room my mother passed away in, you can read that story here and my most recent closer here } I have been mentally and prayerfully preparing for this moment, now that it's here I'm becoming nervous, overwhelm, and anxious. 
2. Pray for David, that he will continue to sleep through the night when she wakes up. 
3. Pray that I won't make David get up to go get Everley and run up and down the stairs multiple times
4. Pray that neither David nor I trip over anything in the middle of the night when we head downstairs to her room. {Dear David's work boots I'm looking at you!}

6. What I'm working on
We are working on making Tensley a little command center to hang all her coats, lunchbox and umbrella. Plus a space for us to write her little notes on the chalkboard in the morning. Slowly but surely my mother's house is becoming our home. 
{I can't wait for this space to be completed so I can share with y'all!!}

7. What I'm watching/reading
We are still watching Friends all the way through. Its fun unwinding with David in the evenings with a few funny episodes of Friends before bed. We have been quoting that show non-stop lately. 

I'm excited to grab some new books from the library or amazon this week. Now that I know what to expect from the carpool line at school, I know I can knock out some good reading while I wait to pick up Tensley! :) 

1. I have such good reviews on Bringing up Bébé that I can't wait to read it! If my girls only learn one thing from the French please let it be their table etiquette.
2. Bringing up Girls, my in-laws recently purchased this book for David and I. I'm so thrilled to read this with him and discuss how we will parent little girls in today's sex crazy, sexual orientation and gender questioning world. Lord we pray you keep us strong and help us raise our girls to know and love you, to have no desire of what the world offers and only what you offer for their lives.
3. Nobody's Cuter Than You is a MUST READ! I ordered this book right before Everley was born and I would stay up after nursing her to keep reading. It's that good y'all! Buy it Now, Read it Now, and then call your Best Friend because she needs this book. I'm going to start re-reading it soon. Want a book to help you realize how important you friends are, THIS IS IT! (Also I hear the other books Melanie has written are awesome as well, I plan to put those on my birthday list as well!) 

8. What i'm listening to
One of our favorite local stations, Spirit FM and Q99. I typically play Q99 on our kitchen radio so that it can be somewhat heard throughout the entire house during the day. Just to give us something in the background that isn't the television. Plus when our favorite jams come on we are totally ready to bust out in a dance party! Raise your hands for T.Swift!! 
Tensley recently got a clock radio in her room as part of her back to school preparation. David and I choose to let her listen to Spirit FM, our local christian station. I love that she gets to her some of the same songs that we hear in church, plus I never have to worry about the DJ's talking about something that isn't age appropriate with her. 
Though it is rather comical to see her dancing to praise and worship music! What can I say the girl loves music. 

9. What I'm wearing
Now that school has started back, I find myself digging into some of my fall pieces even though its still 85-95 degrees most days. So if you see me running around town in shorts, 3/4 sleeve shirt and a scarf its okay and yes I'm probably hot and sweaty but I don't care, I am ready for fall! 

10. What I'm doing this weekend
This weekend seems like a pretty busy one for us, though I know if I think about Sept Weekends I'd think this one was very relaxing. Ha. On Friday evening with have small group (Wahoo, so ready for this to be a typical part of our routine again), Saturday will be full of house work/chores/playing, Sunday we will attend church then that evening a Princess/Prince party for one of Tensley's sweet little friends! 

11. What I'm looking forward to next month
lets scream it all together now

I am so excited for this to be back at Starbucks. I just love them! 
However due to expensiveness ($$) and calories (yikes) I only allow myself to get 1 season. 
Gasp. I know I might have just lost some readers there. I'm sorry, I promise I'm a true PSL fan!
I give into my crave just once as a special fall/birthday treat to myself. I try to pick the best fall weather day that is full of relaxing, enjoying the leaves, smell of fall, and of my fall outfit. 

12. What else is new. 
We are getting ready to prepare for Birthday Month! October, Tensley and I are ready for you! 

Bonus Question. Favorite back to school traditions.
I started the tradition last year of taking Tensley to get a mani/pedi at our local nail salon. I feel awful about this because we didn't do it this year. I totally dropped the ball, I think her attending a new school and them started before labor day totally threw me for a loop. Thankfully Tensley didn't remember or realize we didn't do it. So hopefully I will get to squeeze in some one on one girl time with her before the first week is over. 

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  1. I could watch Friends everyday!! I'm so excited for pumpkin spice everything!