Thursday, January 26, 2017

Catch Up Thursday || Snow Weekend 2017

Early this month we had a Snow Weekend!
Y'all these are my favorite types of snow days. 

Why you might ask? 

Oh because that means my husband is guaranteed to be home and can play in the snow with our girls!
Its glorious to see them all play together while I enjoy the warmth of our home and prepared hot chocolate and all the warm clothes/towels for once they came inside! 

I don't know about you but I don't think anything is cuter then seeing your kids all bundled up to go play in the snow. Also shout out to our local Once Upon A Child for having a great variety of snow bibs back in October. So I grabbed a pair for both girls. 

This girl is a Snow Girl through and through. She honestly gets it from her daddy!
She loved it all. Snow Angels. Snowball Fights. Snow man making.
She even offered to help scrap the walkway and the driveway. 
She is our little snow bunny. Its so much fun to watch her in the snow. 
Plus she is the best at snuggling when she comes inside. Her biggest request is hot chocolate and watching White Christmas. The "Snow Scene" is her favorite and she sings it every snow day! 
{Yes its my favorite part of a snow day!}

This babe well she is her mother and is not a huge fan of the snow.
She is all about trying it out for 5-10 minutes. Taking a few cute snow pictures, maybe making a snowball or two. Then she is crying and ready to come inside. Sister girl I am right there with you. 
Though I will say she did go out a second time her Tensley and David, she loved it that time. Maybe its because she was shoveling the walk and driveway as well. I think she hated it the first time because her big sister wanted her to make snow angels as well, so she might have pushed her in the snow .....because that is being helpful after all. HA!

All in all it was a great Snow Day Saturday. 
Plus due to the cold temperatures that lingered around the following days, school was closed for 2 days ... on the 3rd day was delayed so only 2 hours. 
I might have been the mom that jokingly pushed Tensley out of the car and fake cried to her teacher as I drove away. All in good parenting fun! 
These days truly are long and the years are so so short. 
I'm learning to truly appreciate the extra ALL Days together the Lord blesses us with, to be slow to complain about them. However I'm quick to Praise for normalcy in our home! 

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